With our past we have two options; allow it to corrode away at our psyche, piece by piece, or take it and fashion it into a piercing weapon of determination.❞

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the great escape (by -Femke-)
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“I didn’t…” Did Yurick think he was mocking him? The look that he was given could kill if it were possible, the blonde’s gaze scattering off somewhere else; It was the familiar glare of hatred, mere dislike if he was lucky, and it was sad to say that Aeron was used to it.

The tone had stung. The fighter had only been trying to issue some help to get to the towers in less time so they’d have more time to explore, more time to try and get Yurick back home.

“Homesick…” Yet again, there was that tone- It was gentle this time, but it still had the underlying message of ‘get lost before I kick you in the head’. However, Aeron knew that feeling- He had been away from Athos for months now, possibly even just over a year, but it wasn’t a place he could simply return to. The man stood after a few moments of awkward silence, Elena’s voice carrying through the large room as the scent of food grew strong.

Aeron! Yurick!” The kind voice flowed, easing the tension and making the aura more relaxing once again; The clattering of plates and cutlery soon joined the tones of her humming, indicating that the food was being served.

With one last glance towards the mage, brows creased in simple irritance, Aeron padded off and down the stairs. A smile was pasted onto his face as he approached the woman who gripped his hands quickly, seating him down before he could even say thankyou for the food. Iris’ flickered over each plate on the table- Odd, how there were three plates when Yurick may not even bother to join them. While waiting for the woman to sit, he glanced over at the made beds, a fond expression on his face when he saw the small bag of herbs nestled on top of the plump pillow that Yurick would most likely be using; Elena may be an unskilled cook, but she definitely knew how to mix herbs into something to stirr up only the best of dreams.

Aeron wondered whether or not Yurick knew he was being given the V.I.P treatment; Elena must like him.

     Yurick does not come right away. He waits, three minutes and twenty-seven seconds precisely, counting them within his head in an effort to calm himself to a point where he may be able to better hold his tongue. He is annoyed, yes, and admittedly longing for home despite having not been gone for long at all, but it is merely the idea of worrying those back home that have him so antsy.

     They believe him dead. And is not able to tell them otherwise.

     And perhaps he is, he thinks with furrowed brows and that is not a pleasant thought at all, but falling into an abyss does not leave one in one piece, and maybe he is merely dreaming before his consciousness is taken away completely and he finds what lays beyond the veil of death that he has been so carefully avoiding for so long. His stomach churns uncomfortably, too many thoughts, too many ponderances in such a short time span and he pushes himself to his feet, shaking his head in an effort to clear it.

     Yurick returns downstairs, no smile upon his face but a softness in his eyes as he nods once and thanks Elena for her hospitality in a voice not much louder than Aeron’s own. He sits himself at the table and still it takes him a moment to even begin eating, thoughts too jumbled, body suddenly too numb to either enjoy or not enjoy the food in front of him.

     Tomorrow, the towers. And he will find a way home, back to Zael and Mirania, and Syrenne and Lowell and Dagran, because they’ve come to mean a horrifyingly large amount to him over the years and all he’s done is worry them as of late. 

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“She will also make food- Do not feel obliged to eat it.” He wasn’t bashing Elena’s cooking, no way- She had gotten… Mildly better than what she used to be like with cooking, and the food was at least edible unlike before. But if Yurick was not hungry, then he shouldn’t have to eat it- Elena would understand. Plus, the food here was different; The ingredients were not as luxurious as when Aeron was in Yurick’s home, and even though the cities here had better ingredients they were still not of the same calibre as Yurick’s home world.

The pause in his companion’s actions allowed the fighter to make his way to the sofa, dropping down onto it and crossing his legs; Hands held his feet tightly, like a child would when they listened to a story, waiting for Yurick to speak up.

“I will carry you across the chain.” The blonde had blurted the sentence out without thinking- He was being helpful, he thought, seeing as the other was clearly shaken up and had even allowed Aeron to hold him for a few moments after they’d gotten onto stable ground. So carrying Yurick would be the best option, and it would only be for five minutes; Maybe ten, seeing as he’d be carrying another person.

However, the other may not even agree to the proposal.

Letting go of his feet, bare extremities raised into the air as the blonde stretched, lids squeezing shut and lips parting as he allowed himself to yawn silently.

He could smell the food being prepared as Elena finished up making the bed for their guest; He was inwardly fearing what concoction the woman would make him eat this time, but as she was his best friend he could only play along. It was true she was getting better, though, so the comment was thrown in when he spoke afterwards.

“How are you feeling? Do you need medicine?” Rouge optics revealed themselves once again as he thought back to the events that had unveiled at the tower- Yurick had been held up by his neck. A delicate part of the body, Aeron noted, that could be bruised extremely easily- And there were definitely purple blossoms developing on the other’s exposed neck. Gaze fixed on Yurick’s neck, Aeron’s natural instinct to simply go over and begin to tend to it- But alas, he had to hold back.

The other disliked him, afterall, so he couldn’t just administer medical attention- Heck, Yurick may even refuse and want Elena to do it instead. Or maybe he’d refuse altogether.

     Yurick wonders, vaguely, if Elena is about as good a cook is Syrenne is—the woman manages to set salad on fire—and from the way Aeron tells him that the young woman is making sustenance of some sort, he has a suspicion that she is. Not that he much minds; he can stomach most anything really, whether or not he likes it.

     Living as a mercenary, he really just ate whatever he could afford—which wasn’t much, usually, and would tend to taste akin to leather.

     ”I see. That’s kind of her." Yurick murmurs, honestly, and he’s content to let the conversation drop there, really having no need to talk to Aeron further but obviously the man was not quite done.

     At the offer of being carried across the chain, the hair on the back of Yurick’s neck bristles and on impulse, his eyes narrow, biting back a growl only out of good graces to the people so kind as to care for him while he was a stranger in their world. “I can get across just fine on my own, thanks. I’m not a child." He understands the possible intent behind it, the idea of assistance but  it is far from welcomed. While the chain, does, in fact, scare him, he is an adultand he does not need to be cared for like a mere infant.

     Demeaning, to be carried across an abyss like a damsel in need of a knight in shining armor; no, he would not be doing that.

     He then sighs, shaking his head and murmuring, “I am fine, Aeron. Merely homesick.” And how odd is that, to be homesick for a place he had never liked much in the first place, and if he truly thinks about it, he isn’t homesick at all, but familysick, missing the insanity of those he usually paraded about with.

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The thanked woman had giggled, eyes flickering upwards to look at the face of the male Aeron had brought back with him- Something in his eye…

“Yurick, if you would like to accompany Aeron to the towers I can persuade him; Afterall, being here twenty-four seven is very boring unless you can make yourself of use around the home, and you do not seem to be the type who can sit around doing nothing.” The woman read the disappointed albeit rather irritated expression that adorned the mage’s face, the quill in hand scribbling a few things down onto the parchment before it was dropped in the ink, palms flat on the desk as she pushed herself up to stand. Flat soles padded across the floor, silvery layers shifting with every step as she made her way to the stairs, pausing for a moment as dainty fingers gripped tightly onto the banister before making her way down the stairs.

It had been good timing, really, the ex-soldier having just finished the clean-up task he had set himself; Head tilted upwards to look at the woman who crouched down in front of him with a stern look that practically scolded him already, even without the need to talk.

“You apologise to Yurick, alright? Let the man explore with you.” Elena’s voice came out soft, and to the untrained ear it would have seemed that she was being soft on the blonde- But as the male looked into her eyes, he recoiled ever so slightly.

He knew that look.

Aeron had received looks that had been worse than that, but there was simply something about Elena that made him feel like a child that had executed an action that was too horrific to speak about.

With a slow nod, rouge optics turned their gaze to the floor, calloused fingers making their move to mop up the final parts of a tile with a randomly picked rag before it joined the rest in the murky water. The woman in front of him had given the man an approving smile, her legs straightening up as she stood and made her way over to the beds, which she began to prepare for their previously unexpected guest. The blonde began to slowly walk to where the only other male in the Observatory stood, being careful not to startle the man as he approached.

“Elena is making up your bed downstairs.” After clearing his throat to make himself known, he hesitantly sat down on the thin sofa that would probably be his own bed for the night; He had seen Yurick in action before. The flames that licked at his whole being before they hurtled their way towards enemies, devouring them whole… It fascinated the blonde, and even though it did have the weakness of not being able to charge up as quickly as Aeron would have liked, he supposed that Yurick would be able to keep up with him. It wasn’t like the other was weak, not by a long shot.

“I am going to the towers in the morning. You…” Suddenly trembling fingers scratched at the backs of his hands as he spoke, “You can accompany me.” Perhaps if the mage went with him, the blonde would be able to figure out a quicker way of getting Yurick home; It was obvious the other had a clear dislike for him, which was only one of many reasons to get the other back to his own home as soon as possible.

     A single crystalline hue scans the texts from what appears to be a rather old tome, the boy opting to sit criss-cross upon the floor rather than in a seat, merely out of preference. Lithe, ivory digits glide across an invisible line formed beneath ink words, each syllable reaching his cerebellum in poetic tandem. It truly was fascinating, how different, yet alike, this world was from his own. Different creatures, a distinct lack of magic in anything but an object-enhanced fashion, and history that he’s never heard before. While to be honest, the subject of geography or history was far from exciting, the concept of knowledge was enough to spur him along as he read, finding it enjoyable enough to merely learn things, even if the material was rather bland. 

     Hard to believe there really was such a thing as an Alternate Universe, but there really wasn’t much other explanation for the events occurring around him. Idly, he wonders if Zael or the others would believe him. Out of all of them, he suspects Mirania and Zael would be the most likely, and even then it’s a stretch. Perhaps he’ll merely tell them he caught onto a rock on the way down and climbed his way back up.

     Slowly, and somehow managing to stay well rested and unharmed.

     They wouldn’t question that; not at all.

     A cough behind him calls his attention back from his thoughts and places his mind firmly back upon the tracks of reality, head turning to look over his shoulder at the man who denied his accompaniment to the towers not long ago. Elena had said she’d speak to him, but words were rarely enough to change someone’s mind.

     Unless they fell from the lips of Syrenne, but she was an alcoholic she-devil, something Elena did not even vaguely resemble.

     ”I see." Yurick murmurs in reply, "I’ll thank her later, then. I really do appreciate it." And he does. Being cared for by strangers is rare, and in some aspects, he prefers this world to his own. At least here, mercenaries are scarce, a diluted fairy tale that comes up in books only once or twice and even then, they hardly sound criminal. Or maybe he merely hasn’t found the right book yet. Regardless, he’s thankful to the woman for being so gentle and caring, reminding him of a certain healer back home.

     There’s a pause in which Yurick needs a moment to process new words hitting his ears, because he could swear they sound as though Aeron is giving him permission to accompany him to the towers. Yurick stares at him for a moment, wondering what exactly Elena could have said to have him change his mind so quickly, but thinks better of asking.

     Best not to bite the hand that feeds you, he supposes.

     ”…I understand. Thank you." He feels no need to offer assurance that the man will not be slowed down, or to explain that there was no need to say ‘no’ in the first place. He merely accepts the offer, content with being allowed to go.

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Aeron continued to scrub, well aware of the silent, almost tantrum like attitude that Yurick had adopted- He realised that Yurick was not weak by any means. But this world was different than the mages, and the monsters here were much more dangerous; They would not wait to recharge their next attack, wouldn’t even give Yurick a chance to take a second blink before beginning to attack which had already been proven by the compromising position that the mage had been in only around half an hour earlier.

So he kept silent; Even if Yurick was strong, he didn’t want to risk it. If the silverette died while he was here, Aeron would never be able to forgive himself.

Meanwhile, Elena was stood, dainty figure swaying a little as she hummed, fingers running along spines and nodding when she found one that Yurick may be able to read. Afterall, if he was speaking their language then he would certainly be able to read it- The Old Texts were a different story, those words being the language of Aios which she highly doubted Yurick believed in, let alone knew about. She had sussed it out as soon as she had seen him- He wasn’t of… This world. The way he was dressed was explanation enough.

“Here you go- Some may be fiction, I am not quite sure, but I chose some with information about the countries surrounding!” The literature was placed on the desk with care, the woman taking care to keep them away from the ink and papers- Of which had strange symbols on it- that she was translating.

“Please tell me if you are tired or hungry- I will prepare you a bed and food.” Elena’s smile was comforting in many manners, even Aeron was simply put at ease due to it; Directing a concerned look to the blonde man scrubbing unnecessarily hard on the tiled floor, she moved around the desk, seating herself and starting off to translate the text once again.

     Slender fingers slide over the slightly tarnished cover of a leather-bound book, a single crystalline optic observing the binding before taking it into his hands and gingerly flipping through the pages. Most of it is readable, albeit a tad boring—he would always prefer arcane texts to geography—but that is hardly what matters at the moment. At least now he has something to do while Aeron is out being the ‘hero’ and refusing Yurick’s company in his escapades, something that still sits unpleasantly within the bones beneath his skin.


     The word seems to echo in his mind as he runs his thumb along the spine of the book currently in his possession, the taunts of children back on the village in which he lived as a youth coming back to him and it’s with great strength that he swallows a sigh and looks up from the ink-covered pages of the tome resting on his palms.

     She’s pretty, he registers, in a way that is far more familial, as one would look at a parent or a sister—likely due to his inability to register affection of anything past a family-esque idea—and he wonders, for but a moment, if she an Aeron are romantically involved. It hardly matters, it’s merely his brain coming up with more things to think about, to keep him busy and from dwelling on his lack of self-worth, yet he really doesn’t care for such trifles and pushes the thought away. It does not matter, and thus he should not think about it.

     Much as everything in his life.

     ”I will, thanks." A pause, "For both the books and the offer, really." He murmured, realizing he had yet to thank the woman for being generous enough as to offer him something to do. While he has not completely put aside the notion of merely sneaking out—with or without Aeron—he does have to admit it would not be horrible to stay here for a time. Elena is nice, reminds him a tad of Mirania, and there are words to be read and information to be gathered.

     It would not be horrible, no, he reasons as he averts his gaze back to the book in his hand and flips a page. 

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I’ve never played The Last Story or drawn Yurick, so I left out the details on his clothing and kept it super simple. I thought my bestie would want a little gift seeing as she’s come to love this character, so I decided to give it a shot at linearting him.

Hope you like it, Akki.

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The unexpected reply from Yurick shocked the blonde, getting up quickly and dropping the rag into the bucket, feet moving as he swiftly made his way over to Yurick; Damp hands firmly placed themselves on broad shoulders, eyes widened.

“I… I will help. Get you back.” Aeron’s gaze hardened as he grew determined- If his friends were worried, thinking that he was dead, then he had to help! Even if Yurick hadn’t really helped try to get him home to Elena, he would cast that aside; He wouldn’t want the silverette’s friends to worry, or even unnecessarily mourn him, as they had cared for him when he had been in a strange place and in a way he owed them. At the mention of his own friend’s name he withdrew, moving back to his chore and getting on his hands and knees, scrubbing once again with a different rag.

“Yes… But I will still help you.” True, Aeron would be busy, injured and heavily fatigued almost every day, but he would make sure to set aside time for research on how to get Yurick back, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to let the guilty feeling that had begun to bug him go away until Yurick had safely returned to his comrades.

“You will not be safe in the towers.” It was a statement, and more of a hidden ‘You’re not coming with me’. He knew the mage liked books, so he would be more than occupied with the amount that were in the small library upstairs alone, and maybe he could even begin to research about travel back to his own dimension. There was no arguing with the ex-soldier, his mind set on keeping the man safe while he continued keeping Elena safe.

The woman in question leant over the edge of the bannister, a smile gracing her face once more.

Mr.Yurick, if you would like you may come up here and I shall show you some of the books you may be able to read.” It was a subtle warning that Aeron’s mood would be growing sour if he was disturbed, the man having obviously gone into a trance as he began to sink into a silent thought process, his mind wandering as he idly continued with his self appointed chore.

     Being told no, being told he cannot do things, cannot go places, that he cannot defend himself that he’s weak is something that is uncommon by any means. Sometimes he even finds himself saying it late at night on his low days, that he can only get by at all because of that stone in his eye socket and he, as a person, cannot do much at all. But this wasn’t a low day, he had prowess with a dagger and that stone was a part of him, just as his skin and his bones and his body was and he is entirely sick of being treated as though he’d break at the slightest touch. He is not a child, he is not made of porcelain.

     But arguing does little, and their is hurt behind his anger that he’d rather not voice and so he remains silent, lithe fingers curling into tight fists at his sides and he pauses but a brief moment before his legs begin to move and quick strides lead him up the steps of the Observatory.

     He debates sneaking out when Aeron leaves for the next tower, but chances are good Elena would stop him. The woman knows Aeron better than she knows Yurick after all, and would likely stand by the blond’s decision first and foremost. It’s annoying and he wishes Aeron would change his mind, but there’s little he can do about it in his current situation.

    He nods once in greeting to Elena, walking over to her with thoughts of his own colliding rapidly within his mind, hardly able to keep up. Too much, too quickly, and while he has no intention of retiring to bed—was there even a place for him to sleep?—he is exhausted, drained, from the sudden chain of events. 

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